Patterson Farm Reuse Study

Todd was our anchor in bringing objective facts to the table to counterbalance a collection of preconceived notions held across multiple stakeholders. I was particularly impressed with Toddā€™s willingness and ability to ā€˜stick to his gunsā€™ and professionally and comfortably repeat realities which were not necessarily popular to hear, but that needed to be heard. ā€˜Pound-for-poundā€™ the money spent with 4ward Planning within this immense project had the highest pay-back.

Dennis Steadman

Findley Lake Fire Hall Reuse Study

4ward Planning developed the foundational work for the Town of Mina and the Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department to assess options for reuse of the fire station, thus assuring the community the resources of the community are being used wisely and that new opportunities in the "old" fire station will enhance and revitalize the downtown historic business district.

Rebecca Brumagin
Supervisor / Town of Mina, NY

VFL Revitalization & Social Equity Plan

The Town hired 4ward Planning to draft a local economic revitalization and social equity plan because they distinguished themselves as savvy urban analysts...They provoked lively public engagement and incorporated baseline socio-economic, real estate, and improvement-to-land value analysis, which led to specific recommendations grounded on a clear and justifiable foundation.

Jonathan Stevens
Director of Planning / Town of Cumberland, RI

Multiple Ohio-Based Projects

The 4ward team offers keen economic insight and actionable strategies packaged in a clean, easy-to-digest format ā€“ essential for any successful redevelopment plan. Collaborating with Todd means that expertise, professionalism, and creativity are a given.

Bryce Sylvester
Senior Director, Site Strategies / Team NEO

Joy Redevelopment Project

The in-depth financial feasibility study conducted by 4ward Planning gave the Tuscarawas County Economic Development and Finance Alliance and the City of New Philadelphia a clear understanding of the best option for redeveloping ... 4ward Planningā€™s findings have been used as guidelines for constructing RFPs to send to potential developers. The quality of 4ward Planningā€™s work was exceptional and earned my endorsement.

Joel B. Day

Clinton Street Revitalization Plan

Throughout the process, the team was professional, responsive, and delivered high-quality work products. The technical expertise and project management skills 4ward Planning brought to the table were crucial to the success of the project.

Sarah Glose
Director of Economic Development / City of Binghamton

Millcreek Market & Financial Feasibility Study

4ward very skillfully applied their experience and knowledge to help the Township plan for the changing economic landscape. Their final analysis was comprehensive and provided specific actionable items...We were so pleased with the product 4ward provided that we have since engaged them for a further in-depth study.

Matthew D. Waldinger
Director or Planning & Development / Millcreek Township, PA

East Warren-Cadieux Economic Development Plan

Todd and the 4ward Planning team contributed invaluable economic insight to Detroit's neighborhood planning efforts. Todd helped the City craft an actionable strategy...He was thorough in his due diligence and humble in his consultation of local stakeholders...he took the time to understand his client's vision and then he built his analysis around it.

Allen Penniman
Urban Planner / City of Detroit

East Warren-Cadieux Economic Development Plan

4ward Planning has been among the most impressive consultants...Todd Poole and his team were knowledgeable about national best practices and how to apply those to the unique local conditions...They offered innovative and creative solutions to the opportunities and obstacles we collectively worked through together.

Michael Smith
Vice President, Neighborhoods / Invest Detroit

Long Island Regional Planning Projects

Research on these projects was rigorous and exhaustive. It resulted in excellent economic and fiscal impact analysis...The material presented is clear, coherent, and accessibleā€¦I highly recommend 4ward Planning.

Richard Guardino

SCCOG Fiscal Impact Analysis of Land Uses

SCCOG appreciates the creativity that 4ward Planning brought to the project ... They designed their deliverables to include documentation and training materials that ensure the tools they produced are robust yet intuitive, and can be kept current so as to be useful over the long term.

Amanda Kennedy

Ann Arbor Downtown Development Analysis

We were very impressed by 4ward Planning and would definitely hire them again for future projectsā€¦Todd Poole in particular was smart, very knowledgeable and experienced, and easy to work with.

Susan Pollay

Yorklyn Village Market Study & Economic Analysis

Your analysis has been an invaluable tool in our planning, budgeting, and fundraising efforts. It is thorough, easy to read, and something we can use for multiple purposes with multiple audiences.

Matthew P. Chesser
Environmental Program Administrator / Department of Natural Resources and Environmental

Mellon Square Economic Impact Analysis

Throughout the process, 4ward Planning was responsive, timely and professional. They delivered a comprehensive analysis that supports the value of investing in this important restoration project.

Richard Reed
Executive Vice President & CEO / Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

South Bethlehem Eastern Gateway

Your analyses are extremely helpful to us as we move forward with redevelopmentā€¦with the assurance that these future projects will be financially feasible and an asset to the community.

Darlene L. Heller
Director of Planning & Zoning / City of Bethlehem, PA

Hunterdon County CEDS

The research was well done and your presentation skills are exceptional. Your project manager was very responsiveā€¦the team helped create a plan that will guide our regional objectives for years to come.

Sue Dziamara
Director of Planning / Hunderton County, NJ

Project Momentum Economic Impact Analysis

Your analyses and follow-up could not have been better. You were able to handle challenging questions with great skill and diplomacy, in a way that was understandable to laypeople and professionals.

John Gessaman

North Kingstown Market Study

Your professional team was perfectly matched to satisfy our needs in a technical, detail-oriented, and responsive manner.

Paige R. Bronk
Economic Development Manager / Groton Economic Development

Meriden TOD Market Analysis

Your work has been extremely helpful, allowing us to understand what types of development are feasible. The tools you provided allow us to transition confidently into the development stage of our project.

Juliet Burdelski
Economic Development Director / City of Meridan, CT

West 25th Street TOD Study

4ward Planning is well-qualified and demonstrated the ability to manage TOD economic development and marketing planning. The firm understands the process and complete.

Maribeth Feke
Director of Programming & Planning / Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority