Understanding (and Explaining) Fiscal Impacts


A fiscal impact analysis can be an important tool for estimating the impact of a development or a land-use change on the costs and revenues of local governments serving the development. This course will explore the various elements underpinning a fiscal impact analysis, as it relates, in particular, to residential projects. This course will address (correct) the many assumptions commonly held about the fiscal implications of a project containing housing (particularly relevant, given the need to develop new types of housing over the coming two decades). Participants will gain a general understanding of a fiscal impact analysis’ core terms and techniques, why and when it should be performed, and how findings should be explained and criticisms addressed.

What you will take away from this course:

  • What is a “fiscal impact”?
  • Why/when should a fiscal impact analysis be performed?
  • What are core terms and techniques?
  • How should findings be explained and criticisms addressed?

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Understanding (and Explaining) Fiscal Impacts

Understanding (and Explaining) Fiscal Impacts


Todd Poole Head Shot WebTodd Poole is president, founder, and managing principal of 4ward Planning Inc., with more than 20 years of economic development experience, both as a private sector consultant and a public sector practitioner. On a national level, Todd has assisted cities, transit agencies, counties, nonprofit groups, and developers in crafting sustainable land-use strategies founded on key social, environmental, fiscal, and economic trends insights.